Leptospirosis is a geographically widespread spirochetal disease that infects humans through contact of skin or mucous membranes with contaminated urine of infected domestic and wild animals.

Laboratory diagnosis of leptospirosis is most often based on serological methods. Although culture methods are understood to be of epidemiological importance, the time elapsed between the culture and the identification of the infecting organism permits only a retrospective diagnosis.

ImmunoDOT is GenBio\’s proprietary dotblot method reporting a semi-quantitative IgM titer using an easy to use method. ImmunoDOT is not affected by high humidity. Only a simple heat block (“Workstation”) is required and results are visually interpreted meaning no additional instrumentation is required. Unlike standard dotblot methods, GenBio\’s proprietary color development system assures results in just 30 minutes.

ImmunoDOT can be performed one test at a time or can be semi-automated to test 20 to 30 specimens at one time. A permanent record is possible using a digital camera.