The ImmunoWELL system was developed in order to reach the larger centralized laboratory in the universal microtiter immunoassay format. Microtiter format is one of the most widely used test formats with a wide variety of readers, washers, and specimen handlers either already available in the laboratory or easily obtained. Microtiter immunoassays are considered the most universal immunoassay format and have been available for over 25 years. Most microtiter systems have the same basic features and can readily be validated with assistance from GenBio.

ImmunoWELL enables the performance of thousands of single parameter diagnostic tests using a microtiter system in a batch-processing mode. Instrument interpretation of ImmunoWELL tests is easily accomplished on the most commonly available microtiter readers and computer systems, precluding the need to consider additional instrumentation cost whether through purchase or add-on costs through reagent rentals. ImmunoWELL kits are intended for:

  • Reference laboratories
  • Medium to large hospitals
  • University medical centers
  • Central testing facilities, such as government laboratories