ImmunoDOT is an easy-to-use, visually interpreted, rapid-test format, dipstick ELISA that allows individual patients to be tested for multiple parameters simultaneously. Up to five or six different tests may be completed simultaneously on a single patient specimen, making it ideal for users who require fast, flexible and reliable diagnostic tests in a single patient format. ImmunoDOT is a sophisticated test format which is a multiparameter, nitrocellulose ELISA with sensitivities and specificities similar to reference method western blots. This format also equals or surpasses traditional ELISA formats for sensitivity and specificity. The potential customers for ImmunoDOT include:

  • Labs preferring rapid runaround rather than batching
  • Medium and small-sized hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Group practice office laboratories
  • Any lab preferring rapid results

The only expense is the modestly prices dry bath workstation designed to hold disposable reaction vessels that are included in the kit.