Formed in 1994, GenBio is an experienced, fully integrated medical diagnostic company focused on infectious disease and autoimmune disease diagnostics. GenBio develops, manufactures and markets extensive lines of infectious disease and autoimmunity serology products under U.S. FDA and ISO 13485 standards. The Company’s demonstrable commercialization expertise, combined with management’s practical health care industry experience, has resulted in successful families of products under GenBio labeling and various foreign labels. GenBio offers all of our customers the quality required to meet any regulatory standard and the value needed by laboratories in today’s healthcare environments. The company has developed multiple intellectual property licenses from governments and academic institutions contributing to “cutting edge” product performance. We are dedicated to serving our customers in every corner of the world with impeccable support through our network of worldwide distributors specialized in their individual markets and customer needs.

Keys to GenBio’s continuing strategy are the strong focus on rapid commercialization, well-designed market development strategies with global application, and a management team dedicated to product and technology delivery at the earliest possible opportunity. This includes commercialization of “custom” products developed for specific world market needs.